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butterflyWhat is Electrosave?

Electrosave is a voltage optimisation device designed for small, medium and large Business as well as homes.
The Electrosave system gives immediate energy savings for the whole home.

windmillWhat savings can I make?

Electrosave guarantees a minimum 10% savings on annual electricity consumption with domestic, single phase installations.

leafBenefits of Electrosave

  • Reduces energy costs by up to 20% 
  • Operates on all circuits, 24 hours per day 7 days per week
  • Quick and simple installation – no change to supplier needed
  • Extends the lifetime of electrical equipment

earthWho can benefit?

Hotels Restaurants and Pubs, Office and retail, Healthcare and beauty, Industrial, Manufacturing and Engineering, Domestic Dwellings, in fact anywhere.

lampWhy can the voltage be reduced?

European legislation was introduced in 1993 to standardise the supply voltage across Europe in order to provide two major benefits. This allowed electricity to be generated and supplied from one country to another. Prior to this, equipment was manufactured for use at two different voltages, one for the UK and one for continental Europe.

recycleBenefits of voltage Optimisation

Provides instant energy savings of up to 20%, Reduces carbon emissions, Can improve the power factor, Can reduce the amount of harmonic distortion, Provides protection against voltage transients of up to 25Kv, Extends the life of electrical equipment, Excellent return on investment – 2-4yr payback, Works well with PV and other renewables, An accepted proven technology