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What is Electrosave

Electrosave is a British designed domestic voltage optimisation system that works in homeDomestic voltage optimisation s and small business premises to reduce the incoming voltage supplied to a building. This produces a reduction in energy consumption, savings on electricity bills and reduced wear on appliances. Utilising renowned, award winning technology used on larger scale commercial applications Electrosave adopts this for smaller properties.

Voltage optimisation is an important technology as in the UK, most electrical appliances are rated at 220v but the average voltage supplied by the national grid is 242volts, so in most cases premises are supplied with a higher voltage than is needed.

An innovative energy saving device Electrosave relies on magnetic interaction, has no moving parts and requires no maintenance. In addition, it delivers low impedance, high efficiency and comes with a 5 year warranty.

An average home can expect to reduce energy consumption by 12%-15% through the installation of a Electrosave unit and savings are guaranteed to be no less than 10%.