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Electrosave is a domestic voltage optimisation unit. You can have one installed in your home, it usually takes less than an hour and requires no rewiring of the premises and there is no need to change electricity provider. Electrosave can, and will optimise your premises, providing immediate savings without requiring any change in lifestyle.

Electrosave is a reliable energy saving investment that will provide a permanent solution for your premises, saving on annual electricity bills and delivering an average payback of under 5 years – typically Electrosave reduces users’ carbon footprint by 400g per annum.

If you would like to purchase an Electrosave system or take advantage of our no obligation free estimation then call 0191 5282873 or email


Benefits of using Electrosave:

Benefits Available with Electrosave
Monitors the voltage continuously in order to ensure minimum voltage of 220v at all times green-tick-small
Operates at all times to maximise savings green-tick-small
Constantly optimises supply to ensure the savings are maximised green-tick-small
Simple installation – no changes needed to the meter green-tick-small
Works with, and improves the efficiency of, heat pumps and PV systems green-tick-small
No need to by-pass the system at any time (due to high efficiency of the unit) green-tick-small
Available in a variety of specifications to suit all homes green-tick-small
Manufactured to the highest British manufacturing standards and efficiencies green-tick-small
No maintenance required green-tick-small
Payback within 5 years green-tick-small