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Optimise your home

With our help installing the Electrosave voltage optimisation system will improve the energy efficiency of your home, by reducing electricity consumption which in turn will lower carbon emissions and wear on common household appliances.

Voltage optimisation is an important technology for homes, as in the UK, most household appliances are rated at 220v but the average voltage supplied by the national grid is 242volts, so in most cases homes are supplied with a higher voltage than is needed.

The “over-voltage” means that a households energy consumption will be higher than necessary, which leads to greater costs and higher than necessary carbon emissions.

Guaranteed Energy Savings

Electrosave guarantees a minimum 10% savings on annual electricity consumption with domestic, single phase installations.


Electrosave will:

  • Save on annual electricity bills through optimisation of the incoming voltage,
  • Reduce wear on household appliances caused by electrical over-supply and power surges
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of an average home by up to 400g of CO2 emissions per year
  • Offer a fit and forget product that requires no rewiring of the home and works with current electricity provider